Eligibility for Membership

The Athenaeum Club is one of Australia’s oldest and finest clubs, confident in its heritage and traditions yet enlightened and contemporary in its outlook. A traditional club, it upholds the core principles of courtesy and consideration for others, formality, impeccable values and behavior, together with total respect for fellow members’ privacy.

The Athenaeum Club is a private social club for gentlemen of good character, attainment or promise. Its members are drawn from the fields of science, business, literature, the arts, learned professions or the public service.

Membership is multi-generational, multi-sector and multi-interest, large enough for a rich diversity yet small enough for members to be able to know a good cross section of other members.

The formal requirements for membership are prescribed in the Club’s Articles of Association. Membership of the Club is limited to gentlemen, by invitation only. Candidates for membership, in general, require the support of a proposer, a seconder and four referees, all of whom must be Club members. Those members supporting the nomination of a candidate will be required to fulfill the sponsor requirements as determined by the Committee from time to time. Candidates are promulgated to all members within the Monthly Bulletin and are subject to election by the General Committee. Membership is granted when the membership process is complete.

Members agree to be bound by the Memorandum of Association and the Club’s By-laws and to respect and promote the Club’s Purpose and Principles. In addition, members are required to embrace ‘The Seven Pillars’ - seven positioning statements that define the Club’s culture and set out the key expectations of a new member.

Once a candidate is elected, the benefits of membership and the facilities on offer to members are extensive. Partners of members are welcome in the Club, having all day access to the Athena Room restaurant and lounge. In addition, partners and family members are included in a wide range of Club activities.